How to Change the OT-One Speed

The default speed of the OT-One is set to 3000 mm/s. Here are a couple of ways to change the speed (either temporarily or permanently) on your machine.

PSA : At 6000 mm/s, the motors will start to lose step and the accuracy and precision of your protocol will be affected; therefore, we advise not attempting any speed above 6000!

Temporary Speed Adjustments

Step 1) Make sure the robot is on and connected to your computer. Next, open the debug monitor in your app.

Step 2) Figure out the current speed of your machine using the following command.

M199 - Obtain current speed of all motors  

Step 3) Set the speed of the XY motors.

M199 S5000  

The next time any of the motors are homed, the speed will reset to 3000.

Permanent Speed Adjustment

While using G codes is effective when jogging the robot around, in order to set the speed for an entire protocol run you need to alter the config file in the robot hardware.

Step 1) Connect to the robot via the USB cable (as if you were opening the app). Make sure the machine is on.

Step 2) Look for a No Name Device on a Mac, or a No Name drive on your Windows.

Step 3) Open this drive and copy the Config file to the desktop of your computer.

Step 4) Download this new Config file (make sure it saves as "config".

Config File

Step 5) Replace the old file with the new file.

Step 6) Turn the robot off, and disconnect the cable. Then reconnect the cable, turn the robot on, open the app, and use the M199 command to confirm the speed change to 5500.

If you'd like to set a different speed, simply open the config file and alter the following lines

default_feed_rate   5500  
default_seek_rate   5500