The Opentrons COVID-19 Testing System

A flexible, high-throughput surveillance testing system using OT-2 hardware, OMI diagnostics, and Zymo reagents to process up to 2,400 samples per day.


The Opentrons COVID testing system can be used to tackle multiple COVID diagnostic workflows, including qPCR, saliva, LAMP, and pooling. If you are interested in learning more about this system, please email

Bottlenecks are a common problem when setting up any testing system—especially for COVID-19. We know that and we have helped thousands of labs worldwide resolve those bottlenecks to get up and running.

The Opentrons COVID-19 testing system processes up to 2,400 samples per day using the Opentrons OT-2 liquid handling robot, hardware modules, and verified labware.

  • One of the most affordable systems on the market
  • Ships worldwide
  • Open documentation free on GitHub

This system is made of 3 stations that can be ordered to complement an existing setup, or perform a single aspect of a testing workflow.

The setups below are examples and include example completion times.

Workflow diagram

NOTE: Throughput varies based on reagents used.

Station A:
-- 3x OT-2 liquid handling robots
-- P20 + P300 Single-Channel pipettes
-- OPTIONAL: Temperature Module (actively cool control RNA)
-- Free protocol

Station B:
-- 6x OT-2 liquid handling robots
-- P300 8-channel pipette
-- Magnetic Module
-- Temperature Module
-- Free protocol

Station C:
-- 2x OT-2 liquid handling robots
-- P20 Single-Channel pipette
-- OPTIONAL: P20 8-Channel pipette
-- Opentrons Temperature Module
-- Free protocol

-- Setup and Support Documentation for COVID-19 Workstations
-- GitHub Repository
-- Testing for COVID-19 with Opentrons
-- BioRxiv Preprint of OpenCell COVID-19 Testing Data Using Opentrons
-- Station A Protocol
-- Station B Protocol
-- Station C Protocol

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