Protocol Editor: Creating a Protocol (Part 1)

The Perks

One of the best things about OpenTrons and our open source system is that it gives you the ability to make your own edits to protocols, software, and hardware. There's no need to employ an engineer to run your robot, or a computer scientist to code your experiments – anyone can go online to use our simple protocol editor to design their own procedures.

Where Is the Editor?

The protocol editor is available from Mix.Bio. Protocols can be downloaded from Mix.Bio and then uploaded into our editor and adapted for individual use. There are a wide variety of protocols available, from blank starter protocols to PCRs and transformations.

Starting Out

After you have your protocol, you can upload it to the editor and get started on your edits.

Tip: Open the protocol editor and split-screen it with this blog post for optimal learning!

Simply choose the file and hit "process" to upload it. The name will appear on the right, and it can be edited before being saved again.

The Five Parts

There are five parts to a protocol: information, deck, head, ingredients, and instructions. You can toggle among the first four on the panel on the left side, but the instructions section will appear at the bottom of each screen no matter which section you select.

(The ingredients section is not yet available for use.)


Once a protocol is uploaded, the first thing to look at is the protocol information. In this section you can change the protocol's name and keep track of when it's been updated (etc.).

See also: The Deck (Part 2), The Pipettes (Part 3), and The Instructions (Part 4).