An automated cell culture workflow using the Opentrons OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot to check the consistency of lab automation systems. It was completed by Cytera Cellworks and run by Xian Weng Jiang. He uses the OT-2 to run four different assays to check their system and make sure nothing negatively impacts the cells.

These assays are always the same regardless of which cells we input: we measure cell viability, cell respiration, metabolic activity, and membrane integrity. When we started at Cytera, we had to run all these same assays by hand. It was a waste of time to run them over and over and over again that way. We’re a startup, so it made no sense to do that when we could have the OT-2 robot handle all of the repetitive work.


This cell culture automation workflow can be used for the following applications:

  • Assessing metabolic status, growth, and surface marker expression
  • Cell viability
  • Cell respiration
  • Metabolic activity
  • Membrane integrity

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